Friday, May 1, 2009

Small Talk Six -May 2

Today's topic for the Small Talk Six is 6 Things That You Always Wondered about Your Teachers or Professors. You can view the pre-scheduled list of topics here. Stop by and join in the fun, or just read what others posted this week at MomDot! Here's my 6:

1. How did Mrs. B. manage to find the Fountain of Youth? I swear that woman was 112 when she taught me!! And she would always tell all her students: "You know, I taught your (insert old relative here)." And she's still teaching!!!

2. Same teacher: How on EARTH did she manage to keep that bee-hive hair do up on her head all day?! I used to swear it was a hat that she took off at night and replaced every morning before school!!

3. Was Square-Dancing really a requisite in 10th grade PE or did Mrs. S. just need some comical relief??

4. How on earth did Mr. O manage to muster the patience to deal with my obvious lack of ability to learn Physics. I think the toothpick bridge requirement was his idea of payback!!

5. In college: What went through my World Lit teacher's mind when I walked in for the first time take the final!!

6. Same teacher: What went through her mind when I made an A on said final?? LOL!!


  1. I had a teacher with a beehive too, a good 50 years after they went out of style. Seriously, she must have used a can of hairspray each day. Great list!

  2. #2 it was a hairpiece (my Mom had one) and number 6....IMPRESSIVE!

    Good list.