Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lazy Day

I love my children! They actually let me sleep in this morning!!! Somehow they always know when Mom needs a little extra snooze time! I lost track of time and stayed up waaaaaay too late last night. I knew I was in trouble because my precious 2 year old usually rises with the sun. So imagine how delighted I was (followed by shear panic), when I looked over to see the clock read 9:15am! The older two (7 &8 years old) had fixed cereal for themselves and their little sister. They even put away their dishes! I was very impressed.

This sense of pride in my sweet, independent children was followed by immense guilt. Who was I to sleep in while my poor children had to fend for themselves??? I immediately began apologizing as if I were late for a major event in their lives. They looked at me as if I had lost my mind, and said quite simply, "Huh?" Evidently, it's not a major crime against humanity for a tired mom of 4 to sleep in occasionally. Go figure!!

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