Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goodbye 2008!!!!

I'm so glad that 2008 is over! Last year was not the greatest year for my little ones. Addie was diagnosed with (and subsequently teased at school about) Alopecia. She has 1 large and about 5 smaller bald spots on her head now, and was the target of teasing at school. She has the most beautiful thick black hair that I've ever seen, and it's so sad to watch her cry every morning getting ready for school. She's a trooper and wants to keep going anyway. So I'm blessed that she's such a strong little girl!

Of course, earlier last year, Trey was diagnosed with having developed a heart condition due to the ADD medication he was on. He is homeschooled now because things didn't really go so well at school once we took him off the medication. He's doing great at homeschool, but misses having friends to play with. We really want to sell our house and move into a neighborhood with at least SOME other children. The old folks in our neighborhood are sweet, but not very good at climbing trees. :) With the economy and housing market the way it is, I doubt that we'll be able to sell anytime soon, though.

Then for the last few months of 2008, Trey started complaining of back pain. I originally thought it was either his bed, or maybe he pulled a muscle working in the garage with Granddaddy. When I finally came to the realization that 9 year old kids shouldn't be pulling muscles, I made an appointment with his pediatrician.

On Monday, she diagnosed him with Scoliosis. They did some x-rays to make sure he doesn't also have Spondolythiasis. We will hear back either today or tomorrow with those results.

While I can't help but ask, "What Next??," I still know that none of these conditions are life threatening, and that all of my babies are still healthy!! Thank God for that!! I know it could be so much worse. There are so many other kids out there fighting for their lives, and I can't imagine how their parents are able to hold it all together. I could have literally drown in the worry that flooded my soul on Monday. But when the doctor said that he only has a 5% curvature, and that he should be fine, I knew that God was in control, and that I shouldn't worry.

Trey and Lindsay swinging on the swingset last week...Lindsay just woke up from her nap and made Trey take her outside to swing. She loves her Trey!!

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