Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homeschool for Trey

As usual, Trey continues to do exceptionally well with his lessons. We've changed up our schedule a little bit. Instead of trying to do a little bit of every subject every day like public school does, I've decided to focus on one core subject each day. In addition to this, I have him complete what I call Daily Assignments, which include no fewer than 5 Math worksheets, and Daily Oral Language. I'm also working in Enrichment Activities each day that include Reading, Art Projects, Computer, or Etiquette (which I believe is becoming a lost art). We only do "school work" Monday through Thursday. On Friday, we take our field trips and we still use this day to go to the Library as well. If anyone has any suggestions that works, I'd appreciate hearing from you!! I'm still new at this and we're just kind of learning as we go, I guess.

I've also been searching for a new curriculum. I'm actually considering going with Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt. That's what a lot of public schools use, and what I've researched so far is impressive.

This week, Trey is learning about the Food Pyramid and how to make smart nutritional choices. I snapped a few shots of him while he sat in our make shift schoolroom (my room - ugh, I know the paint is was that color when we moved in, I HAVE to repaint soon, or I'll go crazy.) He was in the dining room, then the kitchen, but I quickly learned that the household distractions were too much for him and he needed a quiet space, so I moved everything to our room. It seems to be working, but it was kind of difficult to relinquish the only room in the house that I could ever get any peace.
Trey doesn't like his handwriting, so I agreed to do the titling for him, but he did everything else on this project...even the layout. I even made him tell me what titles to put and how to spell them. Is it obvious that I need to work on feeding my children different kinds of vegetables?? LOL!

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