Saturday, April 25, 2009

Please Don't Call Me Sweetie!!

Today is my first post with's Small Talk Six. Each Saturday, a new topic is given in which you respond by posting 6 words, phrases, pictures, paragraphs, etc. You can view the pre-scheduled list of topics here. This week's topic is 6 Things that Others Do to Make You Personally Uncomfortable. So stop by and join in the fun, or just read what others posted this week at MomDot!

Here's my list...

1. I have a real big issue with violation of personal space. You know what I'm talking about...the people who stand 6 inches from your face when they want to talk to you. And don't even try to back away...they'll follow you!!!

2. Please don't call me sweetie. My hairdresser does this, and I really wish I had the nerve to ask her to stop. She's just such a nice person - she was really sweet to my little girl and I just can't find the words.

3. Poor driving while my children or I happen to be in the car. I hate to get in the car with folks who don't pay attention when they're driving. I'm a nervous passenger anyway, so please don't make it worse by running red lights, or expressing your road rage while we're in the car.

4. Cell Phones! This is a biggie. I absolutely detest the use of cell phones in public. Here's an example of why. My husband and I went to a traditional Italian restaurant for our anniversary a couple of years ago. I was excited because this place was known for it's quiet, intimate atmosphere; and with 4 kids, we don't get a chance to connect much anymore. Unfortunately, there was a lady a few tables away from us who had evidently been stood up by whomever she was expecting. Instead of leaving, she immediately began dialing everyone on her address list and complained to them about her predicament in the loudest, whiniest voice I could imagine. It was almost too bad to be true when she started screaming into the phone when her friend couldn't hear her due to a bad connection. Needless to say, our perfect night was ruined before the appetizers came. GGrrrrr.....

5. I also hate it when someone blows their nose in front of me. I want to vomit everytime. So please excuse yourself and go to the restroom to do so. Or just give me a heads up first! Trust me - I'll leave promptly!!!

6. Lastly, I can't stand to go to restaurants, etc. with people who are rude to the wait staff. It is sooo embarrassing to me! You never know what that person has already been through that day, and I really don't want to wonder if they've spit in my food.


  1. I can't handle hearing people blow their nose either. So gross!

  2. I'll try to remember that in the future "sweetie"!!! :-)

  3. I don't like being called sweetie or hunny either.

  4. In addition to sweetie, people calling me mom. As in the grocery store clerk, because I'm a mom, she thinks that's what I want to be called. My own Mom does this to me and it drives me nuts. I have a name, and I want to be called by it.

  5. I can relate to your whole list.

  6. Great list, I agree with all of it. My MIL's ex-husband was notorious for being rude in restaurants and then he'd leave a lousy tip on top of it. I don't know how many times we snuck back to leave extra money because we felt bad about it. I hate to think of what probably happened to our food.

  7. #3 is a good one! I wish I had put that on my list.

  8. Oh I hear ya on that last one! I get so embarrassed as well.