Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring/Summer T-Shirts 2009

Well, they're done!! I've got the kids' Spring T-Shirts done, and I couldn't be happier. I had originally planned to do a thumbprint tree that I had seen on on the Crafty Crow, and just do it on a t-shirt instead of craft paper. :) BUT, Trey objected and said he was too old to wear such a shirt. So I went to Hobby Lobby and came up with this. They're just iron-ons, but I think they turned out really cute.

While I was at Hobby Lobby, I found their flip-flops were on sale, so I got the younger girls each a pair in sunshine yellow, and we decorated those. I don't have any pictures of those, though, because the girls took off with them as soon as they got them done. :)

They'll wear these shirts at my Mom's on Easter. We always do an afternoon Easter Egg Hunt (doesn't everybody??), and I thought these would be cute for them to change into after church!! I didn't want anything too "Easter-y" because I like them to be able to wear them for the entire Spring/Summer season.

Lindsay's Bumblebee Shirt

Addie's Butterfly Shirt

Trey had a great idea: He thought it was "too girly" to have his image in the center, so we offset it similar to the IZOD/Polo-style shirts. If I had thought ahead, I would have tried to find him a shirt with a pocket on it!

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  1. Cute! My kids are begging to do tie dye. I'm not sure I'm up for 5 littles running around with permanant dye. Maybe something like this will satisfy them. Hmmmmmm.